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Our Strengths & Processes
We make use of the proven design patterns for recurring design problems. This ensures reliability, reusability and expressiveness of the solutions.

Structured and Process Oriented Software Engineering:

We have structured methodologies and process oriented software engineering approach for development, maintenance, and testing. Methodologies include step-by-step processes for both iterative and recursive object oriented approaches as well as traditional water-fall development approach. Client-Server, Legacy integration and heterogeneous systems are all approached in systematic and structured manner. Detailed planning, resource management, phased deliveries, design & code consistency, dependent module integration, source code control & configuration, parallel testing and final integration, are all part of the structured methodologies. Many of these tasks are achieved through the use of CASE tools, project management tools, source code control & configuration software packages, automatic testing tools, and detailed planning. In addition we make use of Best Practices, Design Patterns, and comprehensive Formal Testing.

Dynamic Project Management:

It has become more and more evident that in software, product innovation is no longer the primary bottleneck. The bottleneck is Project Management innovation. One reason for failure of traditional project management techniques, when it comes to software, is that it is not straightforward to assess the complexity of each task scheduled in a project. Even the identification of task itself becomes questionable once the work has actually started. At Omega Technologies, we put a great emphasis on what we call dynamic project management. No project plan is perfect, any schedule can potentially slip, and any un-perceived situation may occur. A skilled project manager is expected to keep his team and project always in a state of "improving upon the project plan".


Omega Technologies puts a lot of stress on prototyping in one form or the other. Prototypes may be completely discarded or partially retained, depending upon the situation. However, the main stress in prototyping is given to assimilate and understand, and formalize the requirements without any inconsistency.

Knowledge Capturing and Archiving:

Throughout the development process and the history of Omega Technologies, we have maintained an online searchable database of tips, tricks, techniques, skills and experiments that the developers have carried out. These well documented 'notes' of development experiences enable new and old developers to benefit from the experience of others.

Training and Mentoring:

Creativity, raw skills, and raw talent is not really valuable unless they are streamlined, polished, and channelized to obtain the desired results. Technological, psychological, and emotional mentoring is integral part of the process at Omega Technologies.

Best Practices:

We not only make use best practices in software engineering but also take special precaution to avoid common pitfalls. Elaborate standards are followed in software systems engineering, development process, planning and control of project activities.

Design Patterns:

We make use of the proven design patterns for recurring design problems. This ensures reliability, reusability and expressiveness of the solutions.

Comprehensive Formal Testing:

Testing is one of the most important phases in software development life cycle. We ensure comprehensive testing of our solutions under various circumstances. Our testing approach involves planning and monitoring the software testing efforts at the various life cycle phases or testing levels. Unit testing, Integration testing, Systems testing, Acceptance testing and Regression testing is done at their appropriate testing levels

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“The question of whether a device will come into being depends upon three things: first, whether there is a practical use for it that warrants its development and manufacturing costs; second, whether the laws of physics applying to the elements available for its design allow the attainment of the needed ranges, sensitivities, or the like; and third, whether the pertinent art of manufacture has advanced sufficiently to allow a useful embodiment to be built successfully.”
Vannevar Bush
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